New Contract Signed!!! #scifi #shortstory #mmromance

It’s official! I signed with Dreamspinner Press over my M/M romance sci-fi short story, Salvaging Claus Day to be included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Anthology, Stocking Stuffers!! Merry Christmas to me!

(Actually, I got the email offer the day after my birthday, so I’m calling it a belated birthday gift, but this works too.)


I’ll be one of several authors included in the collection and I can’t tell you how excited I am! I don’t have any details as of yet, but the contract is signed and the paperwork is starting. It’s only a matter of time before editing begins.

The incredible part is this will reboot by author titles in quick succession. If Stocking Stuffers releases in December (or November), I will be there, then the re-release of my sci-fi series, The Luxorian Fugitive, A Cook’s Tale, and Priest & Pariahs, will be out through NineStar Press in February, April, and June of 2018.

A lot’s about to happen. With a little luck, I might be able to squeeze something else into the queue by then. I’ll let you know more when I have more details. I’m starting to feel like an author again.

Time to celebrate!!

What’s up next?

When I think about where I am right now as an author, I can admit it’s an exciting and nerve wracking time. I have a number of items in the queue and the waiting game can be excruciating.


Here’s the ongoing list:

  • NineStar Press has accepted my sci-fi series and it’s only a matter of time before content edits begin for The Luxorian Fugitive. It should be in good shape for the most part, but you can’t help but be nervous when fresh critical eyes get ahold of your babies.
  • A Christmas short was submitted and I have to wait until August 1 before knowing if it will be accepted. Fingers crossed.
  • My long term steampunk M/M romance Innocence & Carnality is in the revision stage so it can be submitted for publication. The first 50k was written in flash fiction mode in 1k snippets, so there’s a lot of work to do to get the pacing and flow into a novel form. This will take a bit of time, but it will be worth it. One way or another it’s coming.
  • I’m dying to get back into an in-progress werewolf story I started a while back. It’s been on my mind and I can’t wait to get the first draft sorted. I keep having brainstorm flashes. It’s likely next after I get I&C under control as long as I don’t have any uncontrollable surges of inspiration.
  • I’m sure there’s more that I can’t think of at the moment, but it’ll come to me.

So there’s a lot for me to obsess about. Granted there are other authors who juggle several WIPs at once which boggles my mind.

Talk to you all later! Wish me luck!

My Sci-fi Series Gets a Refresh!

Hi Everyone!

If you haven’t already heard, my sci-fi series has been picked up by NineStar Press after the unfortunate closure of my previous publisher. My boys aboard the Santa Claus had been cast adrift, but will be re-released! Yay!!!


I don’t have a timeline yet, so keep an eye out. All three books—The Luxorian Fugitive, A Cook’s Tale, and Priest & Pariahs—got a complete revision even before they were submitted and accepted and will still get a thorough process of editing. I’ve even made a tweak to the original sub-title, so from here on out we’ll be looking at the crew’s adventures as the Centauri Survivors Second Chance Chronicles. I’ve only finished the process of filling out the questionnaire to help their artist craft a new cover for Luxorian. I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

It’s still early for details, but I will keep you all informed as I learn them. So far, I’ve really liked NineStar’s commitment to putting out the best possible content.

It’s a new beginning!

I’m hoping that if things go well another book in their universe could be in order…

Queer Sci-Fi Flash Fiction Anthology – Renewal!


I’m in! I’ve been selected for inclusion in the Queer Sci-fi Flash Fiction Anthology: Renewal with my short story, Loyalty Index!

Each included story has a maximum word count of 300 words. You have no idea how constraining that is and to manage a complete story and have it chosen makes me very proud.

We’re still waiting to hear which selection will be up for awards. The book will be out in the fall and they like to keep us in suspense. When I know more details, I’ll be sure to share!


A New Identity!

Hello everyone! After serious consideration, I’ve decided to change up my pen name to J. Alan Veerkamp, so new readers might take my efforts more seriously. I love my original Mann Ramblings identity, but the tongue in cheek nature might be seen as an author whose work in more silly in nature or devoid of good content.

So, I’ve made some changes.

Links are up to my social media as well as my stories originally published on Gay under Mann Ramblings. More posts will be coming, hopefully soon.

My three sci-fi novels, The Luxorian Fugitive, A Cook’s Tale, and Priest & Pariahs have found new homes with NineStar Press with a refreshed second edition of all three. Keep on the lookout for more news as it comes. I’m so excited to see where we can go from here.

Hope you’ll be coming with me!